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Turn your scripts, articles, tweets, or posts into irresistible TikTok videos in minutes. Fully customizable and ready-to-share

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💡 Tip: use a link to a tweet, LinkedIn post, or blog post and we will magically retrieve the content
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News, Male, Middle aged, Well rounded, American
News, Ground reporter, American, Male, Middle aged
American, Calm, Meditation, Female, Young
British, Children's stories, Female, Pleasant, Young
American, Male, Narration, Crisp, Middle aged
Deep, Male, Middle aged, Narration, American

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Calm, Tiktok
Bladerunner 2049
Calm, Futurist, Tiktok
Calm, Tiktok
Calm, Tiktok
Calm, Tiktok
Calm, Tiktok
Paris - Else
Suspens, Tiktok
Calm, Tiktok
Another Love
Calm, Tiktok

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Create Captivating TikTok Content in 4 Simple Steps

1 Provide Your Content

Begin by inserting your video script into the designated field. You can also input a URL from a tweet, LinkedIn post, blog article, or any other web content you'd like to transform into a TikTok-friendly video.

2 Select Voice Options

Pick from our wide collection of lifelike AI voices, or integrate a custom ElevenLabs voice using a link. Alternatively, you have the option to record your own voiceover and/or video within the tool, with customizable settings for microphone, webcam, and audio quality.

3 Customize Visual and Audio Elements

Select your preferred visual style from our offerings: stock footage, AI-animated images, AI-generated visuals, or AI-morphed video. Direct the media creation process by incorporating [bracketed text] in your script. Then, choose a background track or upload your personal audio file.

4 Create and Refine Your Video

Hit the "Generate Video" button to produce your unique TikTok content in minutes, complete with visuals, subtitles, transitions, and more based on your input. Post-generation, utilize our integrated editing suite to adjust, enhance, and perfect your video before downloading and sharing.


Easily create TikTok videos with pre-made tools

Pick the right tool, provides your input, and you'll create a video in no time - customize it however you want.


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Creating TikTok content has never been that easy


Find what goes viral

AI will find the best content for you that you can easily repurpose into TikTok videos.

  • Search with complex queries
  • Get full video transcript to fuel your next script
  • Use advanced search
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Generate scripts in seconds

Our AI understands what makes videos go viral and use the same proven methods to write scripts for you.

  • Ask it what you want to talk about
  • The AI will find relevant content to get inspired by
  • Drop any link and it will be automatically parsed and formatted for a video
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Viral-First Video Creation

Create perfect videos for social media, grab attention, and grow your business.

  • Create vertical videos from any content, ready to be published
  • Generate voice, add animations and create super engaging content
  • Create automations, will watch your blog, a subreddit, Twitter or Linkedin account and create content automatically
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Your shortcut to effortless video story telling.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of the TikTok Video Generator tool?
Our TikTok Video Generator is designed to help you quickly produce engaging TikTok content using only text or URL inputs. Just enter your script or paste a URL (such as a tweet, LinkedIn update, or blog post), choose your preferred AI voice and video style, and our system will swiftly create a polished video ready for publishing on TikTok.
How do I begin creating a TikTok video with this tool?
It's straightforward! Start by entering your script or pasting a URL in the provided field. Next, select an AI voice or record your own narration. Then, choose your preferred visual style from options like stock footage, AI-animated images, AI-generated visuals, or morphed content. Lastly, pick a music track and initiate the generation process. Your custom video will be ready in mere minutes!
What content sources can I use for creating TikTok videos?
Our tool supports a diverse range of content sources. You can use custom-written scripts, portions of blog entries, tweets, LinkedIn updates, articles, and more. Simply copy and paste your chosen text or URL into the tool, and let our AI handle the rest. The creative possibilities are limitless!
Is it possible to use my own voice rather than AI-generated ones?
Absolutely! While we offer a variety of authentic-sounding AI voices to choose from, you're welcome to record your own voiceover directly within the tool. Just select the "Record Yourself" option, set up your microphone and webcam, and start recording. We even provide a convenient teleprompter feature for those who choose to self-record!
If you prefer, you can also upload a pre-recorded audio file of your voice.
How can I personalize the visual aspects of my video?
We provide four exciting options for video visuals: stock footage, AI-animated images, AI-generated graphics, and AI-morphed video. Feel free to experiment and select the style that best complements your content.
Pro tip: You can guide the AI's visual creation by including [bracketed text] in your script, instructing it on what visuals to generate for specific sections.
Are there any restrictions on the length of my video script?
While we don't impose strict limits, we recommend keeping your scripts concise for short-form TikTok content. Utilize brief, punctuated sentences and line breaks to control the pacing and visual transitions in your video.
What are the costs associated with using this tool?
Our TikTok Video Creator operates on a credit system. Each video generation costs 1 credit, with an additional credit charged for every 1000 characters of output text beyond the initial 1000 characters.
The number of credits at your disposal depends on your chosen subscription plan. Our paid tiers offer a set amount of monthly credits, while free accounts start with a limited number of credits.
How can I obtain more credits for the tool?
Certainly! You can upgrade your plan at any time to increase your monthly credit allocation for TikTok video creation. We offer various paid tiers to suit different needs and budgets. Visit our pricing page to view current plan options and credit allocations. Upgrades take effect immediately, giving you instant access to your new credit balance.
Can I incorporate my own music into the videos?
Of course you can! While we offer a vast library of royalty-free background tracks to choose from, you also have the option to upload your own audio file as the video soundtrack. Simply click on the "Upload a custom audio" option in the 'Select Audio' step, and choose an audio file from your device. We support various formats including MP3, WAV, and others.
Remember to ensure you have the necessary licensing rights for any tracks you upload.
How can I influence the visuals that appear in my video?
Our tool offers an intuitive way to guide the visual content of your video. In your initial text input, simply include any visual directions or cues within [square brackets]. The AI will consider these instructions when generating graphics, though this bracketed text won't be vocalized or included in captions.
This feature allows you to specify visual elements that accompany your script. Additionally, you can use <break> tags like <break time="1.0s" /> to add pauses in the generated voiceover.
What's the typical timeframe for video generation?
For most videos, you can expect the generation process to complete within a few minutes. Longer scripts may require slightly more processing time.
Rest assured, your finished video will be available quickly, and we'll send you an email notification as soon as it's ready for download.
Is it possible to edit my video after it's been generated?
Absolutely! All videos created using our tools are fully editable post-generation. Once your video is processed, you'll have access to Revid AI's powerful built-in video editing features.
You can trim clips, add text overlays, adjust audio levels, and make various other refinements to ensure your video is exactly how you envision it.
On which platforms can I share the videos I create?
The videos generated with our tool are optimized for direct posting to TikTok, but they're versatile enough for any social media platform. After you've finalized your edit, simply download the video in your preferred format and upload it to your TikTok account (or any other video-sharing platform of your choice).
While our videos are crafted with TikTok's ideal format, orientation, and resolution in mind, they're designed to look great across most major social platforms and websites.